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Over the past decade, we’ve been distilling the proven healing wisdom from cultures around the world into powerful resources that anyone can use to transform their physical, mental and spiritual health. Because we’re all wired differently, with our own unique needs, you will find a variety of offerings here to choose from. From herbalism, energy healing and shamanism, all the way to modern breakthroughs in the world of alternative medicine.

If you like “edutainment,” you’ll find groundbreaking docuseries and documentaries below. Do you love to read? Well, we’ve poured our hearts and knowledge into a few bestselling books that will inspire you. Looking for a deep dive into a specific healing tradition? Check out our collection on Energy Healing or open the vault on shamanic healing with the Inner Alchemy Collection… There’s something here for any seeker to add to their medicine bag.

Our mission is to empower you with the tools you need to take your health back, heal your life, and pass the wisdom on to those you love!

The Proven Docuseries

Our latest 9 part docu-series on the most powerful and proven alternative medicines and healing modalities with the science and research to back them. Proven is virtual education on Functional Medicine, Mindfulness Practices, Electro-medicine and Earth-Based Medicine all in one single place.  (Includes 15+ hours of episodes plus extra footage, resources and bonuses).

Price: $194

The Remedy Docuseries

Our debut 9 part docs-series on the history, use and effectiveness of herbal medicine from the origins of humans to the modern day. Remedy is virtual education on Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, and Earth-Based Medicine all in one single place. (Includes 15+ hours of episodes plus extra footage, resources and bonuses).

Price: $194

Inner Alchemy Program

Our newest program that takes practical healing traditions and techniques from around the world and distills them into a self-paced 30-day journey to help you re-envision your life as your spiritual training ground. (Includes 20 daily lessons and homework exercises on the body, mind, spirit and nature, plus extra resources).

Price: $197

Energy Healing Program

Our original collection of introductory exercises and guided meditations taught by 18 different healers. The lessons feature modalities from multiple ancient traditions and address a variety of health conditions. (Includes 60+ lessons plus 3 bonus lessons from top names in the world of Energy Medicine).

Price: $197

The Home Remedy Kit

A comprehensive video collection of the most effective DIY folk medicines we’ve ever come across, taught by 11 different experts in herbalism, food & nutrition and mind-body practices. They are PROVEN by modern science, super easy to make or do, and work quickly to heal a variety of health challenges, big and small. (Includes 90+ lessons plus 6 bonus lessons from top names in the world of natural health).

Price: $97

The Sacred Science Book

Join acclaimed filmmaker Nick Polizzi, founder of The Sacred Science, on a deeper dive into the primordial healing traditions of the Amazon jungle, which were covered in The Sacred Science Movie. Learn about ancient healing secrets that include rewiring your brain and body to remove negative thoughts, breakthrough techniques to dissolve trauma, using an array of powerful herbs to treat various diseases, and other daily mindfulness practices.  

Price: FREE + Shipping

The Sacred Science Movie

If you were inspired by the healing practices and plants used in the film, you can bring these traditions into your home with The Sacred Cookbook. These ancient….